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Insurance and financial institutions use Foliume to personalize their client's campaigns and free time in their agendas while improving cross-selling & churn rates.

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Increase your revenue while you're asleep

Solutions that prevent churn and increase cross-selling rates, AI-powered.


Measure and benchmark your retention & x-selling rates.


Understand your client's churn propensity and prioritize your actions with them.


Anticipate your clients' future needs based on your past clients behaviors.


Launch personalized campaigns that combine email, phone and personal visits.


Learn which are the with a higher likelihood to improve their coverage.


Automatically understand which is the ideal product to offer your customer base.


Select your customer's ideal journey based on their characteristics.


Launch personalized campaigns that combine email, phone and personal visits.
Foliume is a subscription based solution.
Pay as you obtain (great) results.

Problems churn and cross-selling

Acquiring a new client is between 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining and growing an existing one.

However, most of investment focuses on new client acquisition.

Why? Obtaining good results managing your existing portfolio is a hard task.

  • Which clients have the largest LTV?
  • Which churn is manageable and which one isn't? 
  • What's the right timing and channel to contact my client?
  • Which actions improve cross-selling without damaging retention?
At Foliume we answer these questions with a customer marketing tool, AI powered.

Results that speak by themselves

Increase in churn retention rates.
Improvement in cross-selling rates.

Steps to launch Foliume

We want to make sure Foliume makes sense to your firm.
That's why we follow these rigorous steps:
Book an exploratory call
We will analyze your needs and introduce our solution.
Feasibility analysis
Pilot project
Taking a deep dive in your anonymized data, we will conclude the viability of the solution & project the business impact in premiums.
Launch optimized campaigns to retain and cross-sell, analyze results and learn if Foliume suits your expectations.
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